KB0p Remote Operation

The year was 2014 and I was traveling for work (a lot)– I was away from home more than I was home. I lived out of a suitcase at home. I was also away from my HF station and could not keep in touch with friends on the local VHF and UHF repeaters.

Enters Remote Operations. I found a neat program online that allowed me to continue to operate my HF station and VHF/UHF station from a remote location using my Apple iPhone and iPad. CommCat software allowed me to operate mobile in the vehicle and as a base in hotel rooms during the evenings. The remote operation was made possible by utilizing the following setup:

  • Kenwood TS-2000 all mode, all band transceiver
  • USB Rigblaster Plug-N-Play interface and a CAT control interface to PC.
  • Windows desktop PC
  • Commcat software on the Windows PC in the ham shack.
  • CommCat Mobile software on the Apple iPhone and iPad.
CommCat Station Control Software

Using CommCat for mobile was more convenient and less of a hassle than installing a complete HF station and antenna in the vehicle. With CommCat Mobile software, I was using my home station on my home antenna, while on the road. I am able to control everything that I normally would be able to from the operating chair: frequency, offset, split, antenna tuner, antenna switch, power output and so on.

CommCat Mobile

In June of 2015, I was out of town for work during Field Day weekend. I operated Field Day from my hotel room using the Apple iPad. That was a blast and filled my Saturday afternoon.

ARRL Field Day 2015, from a hotel room in Minnesota
Operating Remote from a hotel room in Peoria, IL (2015)