HARA DMR Repeater

On Friday, June 5, 2020, amateur radio history was made in Marquette, Michigan when the first DMR repeater was installed to support the membership of the Hiawatha Amateur Radio Association (HARA). This repeater previously supported my Allstar System (node 48579), which was removed and replaced with a DMR system (KB0p, 311795), with the help of Greg, KI8AF and Lou, KG8NK.

442.200 MHz Repeater System

We converted a Yaesu DR-1X repeater to a DMR repeater using the STM32-DVM system by Repeater Builder– consisting of a Raspberry Pi computer and a MMDVM Top Hat board, using the Pi-Star software.

STM32-DVM System

To program your radio Codeplug to utilize this new repeater system, copy down the following information. I am supplying a graphic to help provide a quick reference.

Repeater System: 442.200 MHz (+5 MHz offset), Color Code= CC1

Time Slot 2 (TS2): Static (permanent), set to the U.P. Talk Group (TG) 31268

Time Slot 1 (TS1): Dynamic (not assigned), user defined.

Welcome to DMR, Marquette County amateurs radio operators. Please search my website for additional DMR articles I’ve written to help ease the transition to digital-voice.

Paul, KB0p Introducing DMR to Marquette, Michigan

73 de KB0p